The CBE partners with The Nature Conservancy on Coastal Climate Change Research

The Center for the Blue Economy (CBE) and The Nature Conservancy (TNC) have entered into an exciting partnership this summer.  The two organizations will work together to improve the understanding of the economic costs and benefits of coastal management related to sea level rise and climate change adaptation. This work will support innovative coastal climate change adaptation solutions for California and beyond.  The goals in particular include:  (1) standardizing the incorporation of economic analyses in models of local sea level rise and coastal hazards as well as within the decision support tools that visualize model outputs; (2) identifying and implementing innovative strategies to promote economically sound climate change adaptation and resilience in marine and coastal ecosystems from the pilot project level to the state, national, and even global scale; and (3) facilitating the support of annual and summer interns, graduate student researchers, post-doctoral researchers, graduate student group projects, and researchers from CBE to work at and with TNC on specific projects.