Many U.S. and International Organizations Partner with the CBE

Ten nations joined our "Oceans in National Income Accounts Symposium," Oct. 25-29, 2015

Visiting Scholars partner to further ocean economic research

Kwang Seo Park, Xiaoli Zhang, and Hee Jung Choi receive certificates of appreciation

Research and Collaboration Partners

The Center for the Blue Economy believes that policies and practices affecting ocean and coastal resource management decisions should be informed by the perspectives and tools of economics, and based on reliable, consistent, and comprehensive data. The Center has partnered with several U.S. and international organizations to achieve its objectives, and we invite you to engage in a meaningful collaboration with the Center for the Blue Economy.  We rely on donors to fund our work and we engage with like minded academic and research institutions around the world.  To explore potential collaboration opportunities, please contact the Center for the Blue Economy Program Manager at