Tuesday, September 20
My Fifteen Years in International Fisheries Management: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
Nicole Ricci:  RDM Marine & Fisheries Expert (MIIS Alumna, International Environmental Policy)


About the Topic: The discussion will focus on commercial marine fisheries conservation science and management in the high seas, beyond the 200 nautical mile limit. An overview of how commercial fisheries and science management is conducted among countries in various regions of the high seas, the status of commercial and associated fish stocks, a brief view of regional and international management bodies and organizations, and a few case studies will be reviewed. In addition, Nicole will discuss her career path and provide options for students to consider as they plan their studies in preparation for professional application.

About the Speaker: Nicole began her career as a Fisheries Biologist for the Federal government in the Pacific Northwest.  After earning a Master of Art in International Environmental Policy from the Monterey Institute of International Studies, Nicole spent one-year as a Knauss Marine Policy Fellow at the Oceanographer of the Navy working and then worked for various Federal government agencies on marine fisheries issues, including seven years as a as an international fisheries negotiator for the U.S. Department of State in the Office of Marine Conservation. During that time she served as the Department lead in a number of Regional Fisheries Management Organizations, one of the Federal North Pacific Fisheries Council Members, and the U.S. Head of Delegation to the annual United Nation's General Assembly Sustainable Fisheries Resolution Negotiations. 

Currently Nicole operates a consulting business, RDM Marine and Fisheries Experts, and serves as an Independent Advisor and Technical Consultant to the seafood industry, non-government and international organizations, and foreign governments. She also operates a film production company, Ricci Di Mare Productions, focused on social media productions and documentaries that advance international science-based marine conservation and management policies. Ms. Ricci is a published scientific author, an award winning-documentary filmmaker, and has received the U.S. Department of State Superior Honor Award. She is a current Fellow Member of the Explorers Club in New York, NY and holds a Bachelor of Science in Marine Biology from Texas A&M University of Galveston.