Donors Provide Opportunity

Donor-funded internships allow our students to work on real-world projects that positively impact the communities they serve and contribute to global ocean and coastal sustainability

Donors Provide Crucial Data

Donors fund free, open-access data that allow decision makers to improve ocean health, human welfare, and long-term economic prosperity

Donors Provide Solutions

Partnering with visiting scholars and like-minded organizations, the Center for the Blue Economy is facilitating solutions by demonstrating the interdependence of a strong economy and a healthy ocean

Donors Make Our Work Possible

The Center for the Blue Economy is committed to creating original research and providing free, open-access data for business, government and NGOs to make informed decisions. We educate the next generation of ocean and coastal resource management leaders, who will help set the global sustainability agenda. We cannot pursue these goals without the support of our generous donors.

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“There is nothing quite like the Center for the Blue Economy in California, the country, or the world. Unlike traditional marine policy programs, the Center for the Blue Economy's central focus is on the economics, management, and human dimensions that are key to addressing our most pressing ocean and coastal resource management challenges.” -Dr. Jason Scorse, Center for the Blue Economy Director

What does the Center for the Blue Economy offer students?

A rigorous and relevant academic program

To make a difference on the international stage today, global ocean and coastal resource professionals must be educated to navigate an extremely complex web of marine laws and treaties, economic trends and incentives, and political dynamics. They must know cutting-edge science, but they must also understand economics, law, politics, and business, which is the focus of the Center for the Blue Economy supported Ocean and Coastal Resource Management concentration.

What does the Center for the Blue Economy offer the world?

Solutions to environmental and economic problems

The Center for the Blue Economy is a "think and do tank" seeking to demonstrate the value of ocean and coastal resources and ensure that these valuations are incorporated into policy and business decisions. The Center for the Blue Economy research arm, the National Ocean Economics Program, studies critical ocean problems and supports research to improve ocean health, improve human welfare and long-term economic prosperity, and help the world prepare for and mitigate the impacts of climate change.

“The timing for the Center for the Blue Economy is perfect,” says Professor Scorse, “because the most powerful currency in current policy discussions is economics and jobs. In order to use our resources in a truly sustainable fashion we must value our ocean and coastal natural capital and look at the long-run impacts of our decisions.”


A Generous Ocean Leads to a Generous Gift


The Center for the Blue Economy thanks Robin and Deborah Loker Hicks, trustees of the Loker Foundation, whose generous gift of one million dollars launched the Center in 2011.

This photo shows Deborah’s grandfather, Martin Joseph Bodganovich (right), Founder of the French Sardine Company in Monterey, CA which became the StarKist Foods Company. He is standing next to Wallace Beery (left), Oscar winning actor and personal friend of Martin’s.


“The ocean has played a significant role in my family’s history,” said Deborah. She remembers the times as a little girl that she joined the fishermen heading out of the Port of Los Angeles in the purse seiners that fished local waters in the 1950s.


“We see this gift as an investment that will not only generate awareness about the issues that threaten our oceans, but also prepare professionals who can advance sound policy decisions to address these issues.”

Alumna Pledges Support for the Center for the Blue Economy

In July of 2013, the Institute announced that alumna Linda Childs Hothem (BAPS ’85) had pledged one of the largest alumni gifts in the history of the Institute, to support the Center for the Blue Economy. Hothem’s gift will support center staff, student research, and expansion of the center’s summer fellows program.


“I believe deeply in the mission of the Center for the Blue Economy, and I’m especially proud that my own alma mater, the Monterey Institute (now Middlebury Institute), is leading the way in conducting innovative research on our most pressing ocean and coastal resource management challenges.”

Many Donors, Much Work

We would like to thank our many donors who support the important work of the Center for the Blue Economy.

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Individual Donors

Ambassador and Mrs. John Bohn

Mr. Kenley J. Butler

Mr. Ryan Donlon

Mr. and Mrs. William G. Doolittle

Mr. Peter B. Fippinger

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick M. Fritz

Ms. Alexandra G. Goelet

Ms. Linda C. Hothem and Dr. Giuseppe Esposito

Mr. Brett Malone

The Honorable Susan A. McCloud

Ms. Margaret M. Crotty and Mr. Rory B. Riggs

Dr. and Mrs. William Sharpe

Ms. Mary Porter Wright and Mr. John P. Wright

Anonymous donors

Foundation and Institutional Donors

The Loker Foundation

The Ocean Foundation

The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation

Nancy Eccles & Homer M. Hayward Family Foundation

The Gant Family Foundation

Middlebury College

The Korean Maritime Institute

The Chinese National Marine Data Center

Partnerships in Environmental Management for the Seas of East Asia

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