Arctic Policy and Governance Educational Partnership

Brendan.Kelly.530x445.CenterForTheBlueEconomy.SeniorFellowThanks to the efforts of Center for the Blue Economy Senior Fellow Dr. Brendan Kelly (Arctic expert for more than 40 years), a new, innovative internship, a collaboration between The Middlebury Institute of International Studies (MIIS), the University of Alaska at Fairbanks, NOAA, the State of Alaska, and indigenous organizations is set to take off in February 2017.   The project seeks to enhance the effectiveness of Arctic policy and governance by advancing new approaches to the policy-science-indigenous knowledge interface.  The internship provides the opportunity for two MIIS students (congratulations Sorina Seeley and Megan Godfrey) to lead this relationship building effort,  while getting academic credit through the MIIS International Professional Service Semester program, and getting paid through a NOAA grant.  We could not ask for a better opportunity for our students. 

Sorina.Seeley.530x445.CenterForTheBlueEconomy.SummerFellow.2016The students will be helping to develop policy options concerning food security in Alaska. Policy options will be framed from Inuit perspective and academic perspectives with additional insights drawn from convenings of indigenous, academic, and management experts. Working with University of Alaska faculty, NOAA, and indigenous leaders, the students will propose a range of policies that integrate local needs with economic and ecological mandates. The students will also participate in a University of Alaska graduate course, Alaska Government and Politics, and mentor undergraduate students in policy studies.

Megan.Godfrey.530x445.CenterForTheBlueEconomy.SummerFellow.2016The research results will be prepared for eventual presentation to the Model Arctic Council and, potentially, the Protection of the Marine Arctic Environment (PAME) Working Group of the Arctic Council.

Photos:  Top, Dr. Brendan Kelly;  Middle, Sorina Seeley;  Bottom:  Megan Godfrey

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